The LEAP Test is Coming to DCS

Dates: April 26, 27, 28 and May 3, 4, 5

Time: Please be here by 7:40. Testing should be over by 12:00 of each day with the exception of those having make-ups. Virtual students will be allowed to call home when finished, but to cut down on phone calls, parents can just know to be here by 12:00. Again, the exception would be if he/she is having to make-up a testing session.

Lessons: Teachers will not be posting videos, assignments, etc. on testing days. However, Thursday and Friday of the 2 weeks we are testing, they will have something posted.

Absences: Please make sure your child is here on time each morning. If your child is late, he/she will have to wait until the afternoon to make-up that session. Also, please make any needed appointments for the afternoon or hold off until Thursday or Friday. IF your child HAS to be absent during testing, he/she must return with a doctor’s excuse.

Habits: Please make sure your child goes to bed at a “decent” hour and eats a nutritious breakfast.  Help us in encouraging your child to do their very best. While we do not want our students to be ‘stressed out” over the testing, we do want them to take it seriously, time their time, read carefully, use the strategies they have been taught, and do their best.

Snacks: Students will be allowed to have a bottle of water (from home). It MUST be water only. They may have a snack (from home) but they are limited on what type of snack it can be. Some suggestions are: peanut butter crackers, pretzels, nuts, etc. No candy. They will NOT be allowed to have any type of liquid or food around their Chromebook and testing materials. We do ask that all have a bottle of water but the snack is not mandatory.  Uniforms: Virtual students may wear regular clothes if they are being checked out after their sessions and it HAS to be appropriate attire.  If they are staying all day, they need to wear uniforms. If uniforms are needed, please check the Swap Shop located in the front office before next week.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher. We will answer your questions, as soon as possible.