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We would like to announce the 2021-2022 Young Authors Contest winners.   All first place winners will advance to the regional competition. Those winners will be announced sometime in February/March 2022.

Kindergarten – 1st place Poetry:  Hayden Cantin

                           1st place poetry: Robert Chamberlain

1st Grade – 1st place Poetry:  Layla Lowe

                     1st place Fiction:  Mahalii Goodjoint

                   1st place Nonfiction: Shiloh Glascox

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Morgan Strayhorn

                   3rd place Nonfiction: Iana Brady

2nd Grade – 1st place Poetry:  Jackson Townsend

                     1st place Fiction:  Raileigh Hughes

                   2nd place Fiction: Liam Croft

                   3rd place Fiction: Baylor Purvis

                   1st place Nonfiction: Addison Isaac

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Jacy Cleveland

                   3rd place Nonfiction:  Gabriella Spinks

3rd Grade – 1st place Poetry:  Mattox Nielsen

                   2nd place Poetry: La’Vay Lampley

                   3rd place Poetry: Karim Saleh

                   1st place Fiction: Bradson Robinson

                   2nd place Fiction: Ayva Scurria

                   3rd place Fiction: Sha’lawra Jones

                   1st place Nonfiction: Taylor Mitchell

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Trenton Davis

                   3rd place Nonfiction: Madsyn Brown

4th Grade – 1st place Poetry:  Jamarion James

                    1st place Fiction:  Aalayia Weathersby

1st place Fiction:  Kolton Koppie

5th Grade – 1st place Fiction: King Marshall

                   2nd place Fiction: Raphael Austin

1st place Nonfiction: A’Marria Powell

2nd place Nonfiction: TaeMon Antley

                   1st place Nonfiction: Kennedy Killian-Lewis

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Lanaris Robinson

                   3rd place Nonfiction: Dondria Polly

6th Grade - 1st place Poetry:  Jaylen Gray

                   1st place Poetry: Remington Bass

                   2nd place Poetry: Ian Till

                   3rd place Poetry: Peyton Marshall

1st place Fiction: Kelsey Pylant

                   1st place Fiction: Remington Bass

                   2nd place Fiction: Isabella Davis

                   3rd place Fiction:  Preston Ezell

                   1st place Nonfiction: Kaylen Matlock

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Semaja Sanders

                   3rd place Nonfiction: Brooklyn Jones

7th Grade – 1st place Poetry: Caden Kennedy

                   1st place Fiction: Peyton Kline

                   2nd place Fiction: Addison Payne

                   3rd place Fiction: Makayla Garcia

                   1st place Nonfiction: Isabella Faulkner

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Cameron Washington

                   3rd place Nonfiction: Jensen Guice

8th Grade – 1st place Poetry:  Ladasia Bryant

                   2nd place Poetry: Tatum Canady

                   3rd place Poetry: Preston Polhamus

                     1st place Fiction: Laila Robinson

1st place Fiction:  Nicholas Brown

                     2nd place Fiction:  Mason Blakely

                   3rd place Fiction: Destiny Griffin

                   1st place Nonfiction: Kaylianna Robinson

                   1st place Nonfiction:  Trevor Dixon

                   2nd place Nonfiction: Toby McVay

                   3rd place Nonfiction: Kayden Huff

9th Grade – 1st place Poetry:  Logan Reese

                      1st place Poetry:  Emma Cobb

                      1st place Fiction:  Avindi Thomas

10th Grade – 1st place Poetry: Jalen Lee

                     2nd place Poetry: Kimberly Richmond

                      3rd place Poetry: Braeden Franklin

                      1st place Fiction: Payton Till

                       2nd place Fiction: Gentry Guice

                       3rd place Fiction: Olivia Winstead

                        1st place Nonfiction: Katelynn Williamson

                        1st place Nonfiction: Deandre Young

   2nd place Nonfiction: Lance Lively

                       3rd place Nonfiction: Kirsten Jinks

11th Grade – 1st place Poetry: Desire Washington

                     2nd place Poetry: Shelby Jeffers

                      3rd place Poetry: Isabella Tribble

                      1st place Fiction: Miyonna Evers

                      1st place Fiction: Alyssa Garley

                       2nd place Fiction: Brandi Dunn

                       3rd place Fiction: Shakira Washington

                        1st place Nonfiction: Diamond Brown

                        1st place Nonfiction: Cooper Berghman

   2nd place Nonfiction: Maddie Richmond

                       3rd place Nonfiction: Terra Hales

12th Grade – 1st place Poetry: Jesslyn Enterkin

                     1st place Fiction: Landon Martinez-Melchi

                      1st place Fiction:  Ethan Ward

                     2nd place Fiction: Jasalyn Samuel

                     1st place Nonfiction: John Harper

                       1st place Nonfiction:  Macy Lopez

                      2nd place Nonfiction: Aaron Jones

                      3rd place Nonfiction: Trinity Thomas