Congressional App Challenge Winners w/Congress Woman Julia Letlow

Delhi, January 7th.  Congresswoman Julia Letlow visited Delhi Charter School to award the winners of the Congressional App Challenge for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District.  The Congressional App Challenge is a competition where teams from different schools develop and program a computer application to benefit society. 

This year’s winners were Payton Greer, Harley Jinks, Kaden Sauseda, and Jennifer Wright for their app, MedTracker.  MedTracker helps nurses and family members keep track of when patients have taken their medications.  Jennifer said her team developed the app because so many families have loved ones that need to be treated at home, so it can be very easy to mix up medications or accidentally skip doses.  

The students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their app to Congress in Washington DC along with the other district winners in April.  This is the 4th year in a row that Delhi Charter students have won the prestigious award. 

Caption:  Congresswoman Letlow takes a photo with Congressional App Challenge winners Harley Jinks, Jennifer Wright, Payton Greer and Kaden Sauseda.